Foundation Repair

Due to the recent drought, is your house shifting?

Here are some signs & symptoms:  Cracks on interior walls, cracks or separation on brick cladding- a gap between your window line too siding or cladding the caulk line at garage is a very obvious sign also, cracks in concrete. This is a list of signs and symptoms to tell if your house is moving.

Due to the expansive soil in this region it is hard to eliminate all movement. Here is a little science lesson, as the ground dries out the dirt molecules shrink, as the molecules shrink the soil moves, this is called contraction. The moving soil causes the ground to physically receed as a result of shrinking molecules.

As a result of this, weight bearing point on a structure can & will move, this is a term called Settling. There is also the other side of the spectrum; this is caused by excessive amounts of moisture over a prolonged period of time. This is called expansion, which can lead to heaving. Here is another science lesson for you, as the very dry soil receives water it will start to swell in order to fill its natural void cause by contraction. This is perfectly normal, until it reaches a breaking point.

Oversaturation is just as bad as not enough moisture, this can cause swells in soil know as heaving. This can also cause settling due to too much moisture. This is where I come into play. I have a proven system of pressing pilings.

This procedure goes as follows for a foundation repair:
  1. Call for a free estimate
  2. We will send out a foundation technician
  3. Evaluation- This is a 3 or 4 step process depending on the type of structure.
    • Look at exterior for damage signs & symptoms
    • Look at interior for signs and symptoms
    • We use a measuring device called a compulevel or a zip level. This measure from a point designated as center to outer wall lines to calculate how far a structure is off.
    • Placement of lift points will be decided by our foreman for the best decision for your house.
General rule of thumb on piers-
  • Every 8’ on 1 story
  • Every 6’ on 2 story

We will excavate all holes with minimum landscape disturbance. Example, if there are bushes and or shrubs, we will protect them as best as we can. All rock brick or specialty landscape will also be handled with as much care as possible. (We treat your property like it is our own).

For excavation:
    • All soil will be laid on tarps;
    • The holes will be approximately 2’ wide X 4’ deep.
    • Once the hole is dug we will begin to install piers; Once piers are installed we will set top caps and once all of the structure is complete we will lift.
    • Once your structure is properly back in alignment we will block.
    • Once blocked & inspected by an inspector we will cover up the holes, caulk all windows in affected areas, remorter damaged mortar joints. The dirt works will b e on grade to slope away from structure. All mortar will b e color matched to the best of our ability.

All foundation repairs come with a once time transferable lifetime warranty.